Inaugural Corvino Conference on Leadership & Customer Service : April 29th, 2015


Sincere thanks to Kathleen Lynch Cartine and Susan Keane Baker for presenting new ideas at the Inaugural Corvino Conference on leadership and customer service. We are pleased to report it was a complete success thanks to all those that were in attendance. The day was filled with interactive opportunities, tool kits, strategic planning, and plenty of laughs.

Highlights of the conference included:

Behind the Scenes with Frank Corvino. Frank gave an insider’s look into the how a business functions behind the scenes from the C-suite. Participants had the opportunity to ask Frank the burning leadership questions they’re struggling with and received candid, spot on responses and possible solutions.

Great Leaders Help Others Act On Their Best Intentions Susan Keane Baker offered up some great insights and tips on how leaders should lead by example. Susan provided tools and resources that can be implemented immediately upon returning to work!

Anarchy to Accountability Maura’s expertise and knowledge shed light on how leaders can build an accountable work environment and customer experience by inspiring staff to do their best work. Utilizing real life examples, Maura provided a concrete outline for setting your organization up for business success!

Create and Customize your “Plan of Attack”  Susan Keane Baker provided a wealth of knowledge as well as a “hands on” workshop on developing a customized plan of action to achieve customer service excellence for your organization.

Transformational Coaching Kathleen Lynch Cartine took everyone through an exercise in self-reflection that was well received. “…I thought this was the best part, as it forced us out of our comfort zone to do some self- evaluation…” Life and work go by so quick, we often don’t make the time for this important process.