What We Offer

Corvino & Corvino offers unique leadership and customer service consulting services. In today’s business landscape, competition is steep. Customers are demanding. Satisfying their needs affects ratings and the bottom line. Delivering superior customer service means engaging employees in the principles of exceeding customer expectations.

Corvino & Corvino Consulting caters to the service industry. Frank and Maura Corvino have recent, relevant and proven leadership strategies and everyday tools to improve your bottom line. We help companies implement systems that guide staff and boost customer satisfaction. Decades of experience leading organizations that continuously earned customer satisfaction scores in the 99th percentile places us at the forefront of current customer service thinking.

We provide on-site workshops, keynotes, and C-suite consulting as well as business and life coaching. Let us show you how to build your reputation and inspire excellence. 


  • Establish the A, B, C’s of Excellent Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Motivate Your Leaders to Guarantee Success
  • Employee Engagement & Trust
  • Be the CEO of Your Department
  • Walk in the Shoes of Your Customer/Know What’s Going on in Your Customer’s Mind
  • How to Earn 4 Stars: Heeding the Voice of Your Customer
  • Service Recovery When Things Don’t Go Right
  • Transform Your Organizational Culture
  • Identify Customer Touchpoints: Moments that Matter

These custom presentations and workshops offer pragmatic tools that you can implement immediately. Some of the tools you will walk away with are:

  • How to Act Like an Owner
  • From ‘Acknowledge’ to ‘Thank You’: How to Open and Close a Conversation
  • Anarchy to Accountability: Have you taken over an organization/unit/department where everyone does what he wants?
  • Why would anyone want to be led by you?
  • Listening: We remember far less than we hear. How to Become an Active Listener
  • Effective Teamwork: How to Build Trust
  • Connect with Customers: Exceeding Your Customer’s Expectations
  • Celebrate Successes 


We help clients determine what needs to be fixed. We will do a full assessment based on staff interviews looking at benchmarks and the company’s current performance. We provide a review of the company’s culture and core values. Topics include: 

  • Business and Life Coaching
  • Compliance: Minimizing Your Organizational Risk
  • Why Customer Satisfaction is Critical to the Success of Your Business
  • Pitfalls in Management
  • What Makes an Organization Run Efficiently
  • How Increased Customer Service Will Increase Profits
  • The Secrets of Success – Making the C-Suite Successful
  • Managing Through Construction and Renovation Projects
  • Succession Planning
  • Engaging Your Directors/ Leaders
  • How to Alter a Culture
  • Healthcare Specific: Motivating & Engaging Physicians, Patient Throughput, Magnet Journey